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Artificial Grass for Sports

Are you a contractor or architect looking to provide the best alternative solution to sports fields? Are you a homeowner looking to create your own football field for your children? Ottawa Artificial Grass offers 100% safe and non-toxic synthetic grass designed specifically for sports fields or grounds — indoor and outdoor.

Better Sports Fields, Better Games

Beyond durability, synthetic turf provides a uniform, consistent playing surface. This allows players to effectively use their footwork, balance, and agility. It also prevents injury by keeping all players on equal footing. In short, it boosts performance and safety on the field.

If you need any type of artificial grass for sports facility installation or simply want to know more about our products, you can book a call with one of our professionals.

Why Use Synthetic Turf for Sports

Ottawa Artificial Grass makes it easy to turn any athletic field into a multipurpose play area for sports such as soccer, football, rugby, and lacrosse. With no watering, mowing, or maintenance required, our synthetic grass is an eco-friendly alternative that’s easy to install and maintain. Artificial grass is an excellent choice for sports fields.

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Synthetic grass has many features that you won’t get with natural grass. That’s why it’s becoming a popular, viable solution for sports facilities. At Ottawa Artificial Grass, you can expect top-performance products that can withstand wear and tear — reducing replacement costs. Contact us now, and we’ll help you make the right turf choices for your specific applications.