Ottawa Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass for Commercial and Rooftop Spaces

Artificial grass is an excellent alternative to natural grass and one of the most sought-after products for commercial applications and rooftop spaces. Perfect for high foot traffic areas, our commercial and rooftop artificial grass is made of high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear and will remain useful and attractive for years to come.

Artificial Grass Applications

With great versatility and adaptability, artificial grass is a top solution for many commercial applications. Not only does it look real but it is also low-maintenance and easy to install. Here are some commercial applications where artificial grass would be a great solution:

Rooftop Spaces

One of our top installation options is for commercial rooftops. You can create a green space high in the sky which isn’t otherwise a possibility with traditional grass. The EnvyLawn products we carry are an architect’s best friend. They meet the required fire rating (ASTM E-108), are maintenance free, and allow water to pass through to the actual roof membrane. This makes our artificial grass the perfect addition for integrating communal entertainment spaces for residents at apartment buildings and office buildings.


Daycares, colleges, and schools, you name it. A synthetic lawn outside of the school allows children to have a fun place to play and explore without the worry of getting muddy or ruining their clothes. It also offers less maintenance providing the property managers and school staff with more resources to devote to academics and other important tasks.

Business Parks

We also cater to many business parks in Ottawa. At Ottawa Artificial Grass, we can custom design your synthetic lawn to match the look and feel of your business park. This is an excellent way to improve your first impression on potential clients and customers.

Public Parks

The best way to put people’s tax money to good use is by investing in public parks. With our artificial grass, the park will stay green and beautiful all year long with little to no maintenance. This is a great way to improve the quality of life for the community. Not only is it child-friendly but also perfect for those with pets that love to run and play.

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